Russian Skin Pack Schmitz Trailer


Game: ETS2 ver. 1.4.X-1.12.1

Skins – Bogdan_uk
Trailer – Mr. Poland
Base – Ventyres, Glandhands, Bora
Huckepack, taillights, various parts, mapping, various new parts for lod models (wheels, lights etc.).
Textures – Edobetet
Skinning – Nordish Stickers, various textures, Bora AO texture.
Wheels – Ventyres Wheel, Bora Mapping.
Textures – Tyre, Bora AO Texture.
Traffic wheels – Kamaz Base.
Texture – Kamaz Tyre tread, Tyre, Bora Rendering texture from high poly wheel.
Flares – Bora Tweaking .sii files for proper shine on ground etc.


10 Responses to Russian Skin Pack Schmitz Trailer

  1. FRANCESCO 90 says:


  2. Esta vida loca says:

    Funny, it doesn’t give Schmitz “Huckepack”, contains pickaback! The leading manufacturers are Krone and Kögel, but it’s not your bad!

    Good skins, cheers!

  3. Esta vida loca says:

    I am too! The trailers updated to 1.1X.XXX?

  4. MrMehh says:

    Download link’s not working.

  5. Willy says:

    gif us please new link
    this link doesn`t work anymore.

  6. Willy says:

    Thank you so much .

  7. wegger says:


  8. Baba says:

    fantastic ! TYVMuuch

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