Rusty fuel tanks


This skin tested on 1.4.8 till 1.7.0
no replacements for any fuel trailers its applies with the original
trade marks logos.



7 thoughts on “Rusty fuel tanks

  1. great
    it would be nice if u could do such thing for the other trailers and make them look more real

  2. thank you i will try it.

  3. Thanks for the comments, sure more mods will be post soon hope you enjoy it.

    1. Anonymous

      this rusty pack is even better then you say, it makes all ful cisterns rusty, not only the original ones also those from skinpacks that uses the original pmg-file… 😉

  4. MasterTruck

    why original trade marks logos?

  5. excelent idea

  6. Very nice ! altho i would seriously worry if one of these turned up at my depot…. id have the Fire Brigade on standby lol 😉

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