Rutas Mortales Reworked

1 add 2 new cities (total 19)
2 FIXED bugs
3 completely rebuilt – reworked map
4 optimize to version 1.30 & 1.29
5 like, If you want to grow the map
6 added new dangerous roads 🙂

Original Author: Rodrigo Crocco
Reworked by: Mods4you

Rodrigo, thanks for permission to edit your works!
I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

If map not works try disable all mods, or create new profile!

Mods4you, Rodrigo Crocco


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22 thoughts on “Rutas Mortales Reworked

  1. Hi! ModManager says that is incompatible. I have version.

    1. Creating a new profile without other mods, obvious.

      1. No it doesn’t

  2. Not for 1.30

  3. No it doesn`t

  4. scott gamer

    inconpativel verssao 1.30

  5. morris12345

    Can not turn on manager mode.

  6. mod is broken when choosing a city

  7. what dlc’s do i need for this mod

  8. SiMoN3 ETS2

    It’s incompatible with


  10. OLD MOD,OLD FILES 2015-2016 !!! NEW MANIFEST ONLY !!!

  11. Das ist eine FAKE MOD VORSICHT !!!!!!!

  12. Не ставьте! Не работает! не подходит под версию 1.30.x.x!!

  13. liibalaaba

    not work for me at all. my game said that isn’t compatible with newest game version etc.

  14. Rodrigo Crocco


  15. Guys, report.

  16. Noce porque publican mod incompatibles trabaje con la 54 dlc y este es el resultado incompatible lol


  17. mod is showing incompitable i have ets2 v 1.30.2s

  18. it is not compatible to v.

  19. interesting

  20. ets2 1.19

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