S_ki_solid reworked, takes the names of company. Template inclued

Savoyard Custom


10 Responses to S_ki_solid

  1. matdom1988 says:

    Ah ouai pas mal ça.

  2. ricardogt says:

    Link fail!

  3. Raoul says:

    link for the daf?

  4. MisterOlla says:

    Sharemods has got some trouble with one of their server again,…

  5. MattV8_730 says:

    Yes Sharemods is rubbish those days…

  6. Bigshaq says:

    Link is ok ! Tanks to use sharemods link !!!!!

    • MisterOlla says:

      Yesterday the server was down. I’ve messaged sharemods via Facebook and recieved an answer quiete early in this morning.

      “Yes, one of our files servers have problems in this day, so you can’t connect with it. We are very soory for this situation. Now all should work fine. Regards.”

  7. Theosz says:


  8. Savoyard Custom says:

    Si je mets la template c’est pour la skinner on est d’accord mais par pour la voir modifié sans mon accord ! rassure toi je sais très bien mettre les remorques en standalone et jusque là personne ne me l’a demandé !!!

    If I put the template is for skinner we agree but to see it changed without my consent! assure you I am well put trailers standalone and hitherto nobody asked me !!!

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