Safety Car v 2.1

Safety-Car-2 Safety-Car-1

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This is the new version of “safety car”: two cars protecting a heavy load, totally articulated and functionality.
It’s for AI Traffic!

Tested in EAA Map and Europe MAP.
To ETS2 1.26.x .

Clean LOG!

Main Credit: JL TRUCK; Contributors: OBIN-WAN KENOBI (EVERALDO); CARLOS SILVA; (Erik Gunnar; Albini Franco);


8 thoughts on “Safety Car v 2.1

  1. zeeuwsetrucker

    WOW! Looks realy great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool! Is it possible to put these trailers to download and use them (not as ai traffic)?

    1. Nahh Steve, JL Truck works only with AI traffic mods. But you can download Pegasus pack, a cargo pack with heavy load equipment. You can find it here:

      1. Ok, thanks for the link! Looks neat ๐Ÿ˜‰
        (If you have anymore cool packs like that it would be nice, I love heavy loads ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  3. Compatible with the original game map + DLC Going East, Scandinavia and Vive la France ?

    Thank please specify

    1. Terre. It’s compatible with any map, with or without dlc. Good game!

  4. Thank JL Truck ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your mod is cool, it adds a little more realism to the game.

  5. Hello Mister JL Truck, Another small question the convoy runs at 40 km / h on highway, is there a way to 70 km / h speed on highway.

    What file should change so that the convoy runs at 70 instead of 40 km / h?

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