Safety Car v 2.2

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This is the new version of “safety car”: two cars protecting a heavy load, totally articulated and functionality.
It’s for AI Traffic!

* NOW with motor and horn sounds.

Tested in EAA Map and Europe MAP.
To ETS2 1.26.x .

Clean LOG!

Main Credit: JL TRUCK; Contributors: OBIN-WAN KENOBI (EVERALDO); CARLOS SILVA; (Erik Gunnar; Albini Franco);


18 thoughts on “Safety Car v 2.2

  1. very frumos.dar machines with rotating beacons finest and most elegant possible?

  2. It would be great also getting this Kind of Safety Car for regular heavy Transports not only as A.I.-Traffic. F. E. only on back of the heavy Transport als a Follower.

  3. Hi,
    You did not change anything on your mod? It’s only to go back to the top of the page, if that’s the case I understand and do not judge you.

    It was just a simple question

    I found the file “def” for increased the speed of the convoy, I finally put 55 km / h instead of 35 km / h, it’s a little better on highway as well.

    1. Hello! This new version brings sound of motor and horn (in description I put: *NOW with motor and horn sounds). About the speed, You can change It like you did. No problem!
      Good game for you!

  4. I love this mod !

    This is the kind of stuff SCS should add to the game !

  5. Very nice! Muito obrigado!

  6. I do not know if this is a mistake on your part, you may have to load the wrong file between 2.1 and 2.2

    Because there is nothing to change the files of your mod, I check it is exactly the same, the sound was already and nothing to change in the files def

    On this I leave you or bother you no longer it was the last message from me.

    Thank you for this good mod and to have answered.

    1. Terre, like I said: this new version brings sound of motor and horn (in description I put: *NOW with motor and horn sounds). I don’t know if you checked it right, but in the first version there isn’t sound.
      I know that I don’t need to do that, but If you wanna see it again, check the file t_bat1.sii and you’ll see lines sound_move and sound_horn. You’ll also find a folder “sound” when you open the mod.

  7. ohh I’m sorry, Terre! I’ve forgotten some thing. Right after I publish the version 2.0 (without sound), I changed the file and the link of download adding sound, but I didn’t changed the version and I didn’t say it for anyone because many people already had downloaded it through my youtube channel hahaha oh man!. I only published It here some time later. That is the reason you have the version 2.0 with sound haha I’m sorry! I’ve forgotten it! That is, some people have the version 2.0 without sound (who downloaded It first), but the most people have the version 2.0 with sound.

  8. No problem 😉 that’s why I asked you the question.

    Like that there is sure everyone will have the right version this time.

    And also for people missing your first publication it’s cool.

  9. Hey! I like very much your heavy load convoy, but for my taste they appear far too often (I’ve been finding one every 100 km or so)

    It would be nice to have a second alternative file with much less frequency in secondary roads, and a little less frequency in highways.

    Muito obrigado anyway! Keep up that good work! (adding a few comments on the funeral convoy btw)

    1. Hello Chema_C! Thanks for your coments!
      Well, about frequency, unfortunatly it’s impossible to keep it less than now. This mod is a little diferent of others mods or official mods by scs. It uses a own mechanism of articulation and it’s principy of density also is diferent of the others mods. Common mod uses a own definition (folder – country), but in this case we only can control the frequency through codes spawn_ratio and spawn_max_count. And I already tried all that’s possible with these codes. I’m trying to find a way to get less frequency, but until there it doesn’t have solution.

  10. Hello.
    How the change, convoy speed limit?

  11. Hi,
    In file def \ vehicle \ ai and the sii file named t_bat1.sii, Search for a line with written, max_speed: 35

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

  12. 😉

  13. Syahmi Asyraff

    JL Truck, if you have some time, please adapt this mod to patch 1.27. My game crashed after using it.

  14. Hi,the safety car appears,but no truck to ######. Am I doing something wrong?

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