Sal Dorse trailer


Game versions: and 1.3.1
Author: Kral , Blade1974


7 thoughts on “Sal Dorse trailer

  1. ### dudes,i have 1.3.1,and since with this last version 90% the mods im trying,dont work,this to,even author says it works with 1.3.1 version,does anyone know why any of my mods dont work?any help,sugestions?


  2. Some mods seem to clash. i find the most problems come with the truckshop mods. Ive got TSM V2.1 which is good but that seems to add extra incompatibilities. I cant get the limiter removal thing to work now at all 🙁

    Is this trailer addon a replacement or a stand alone? if its a replacement maybe you have another trailer addon that is taking preference over this addon. the sad thing about these mods most people dont take the time to test the mod they have made and dont include a readme to describe what the mod does, what it replaces, what its supposed to do. which is sad. i also do flight simming and everyone adds a readme explaining the addon and what it does and any bugs it may have.

  3. dude,i’ve tried this mod and several others,by copying it alone in the ,,mod” folder so it’s not a incompability isue,i even tried starting a new game,and nothing,any help?

    1. hopefully the author will be to help.

  4. The description confuses me. If this is a standalone trailer, it’s impossible for it to work in both and 1.3.1!

  5. Hate locked files

    Hi guys,

    I confirm what Bart says.
    I had the same problem as you guys , I have uninstall the game from my PC , and reinstall it , put the patch to 1.2.5 and then the patch from 1.2.5 to 1.3.1 version.
    Then I started the game with the tutorial !
    After that I have added the mods I had one by one : I mean this : you start the game , you select a mod , you apply and launch the profile…drive 10 seconds and quit the game , do this procedure for all your mod , install them one by one like that and it will work perfectly !!
    All my mods are working now together with truck shop and other crazy mods like that 😉

    Wish you courage to do that because it needs very much time but after the game will be stable 😉

    See u guys !!

  6. extract and check all mod for conflict…make sure u have no same files on your active mod….

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