Salva modifiche Mod Alloy Wheels V2 by Afrosmiu

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La mod e compatibile con tutti i truck di gioco..Versione di gioco 1.27 – 1.28
non reuppate lo stesso mod su altre piattaforme con il vostro nome,cosi facendo, faccio cancellare il tuo download
The mod works perfectly with the game version 1.27 1.28
New version Lateral side tubes
Do not re-install the same mod on other platforms with your name, I’ll delete your download
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13 thoughts on “Salva modifiche Mod Alloy Wheels V2 by Afrosmiu

  1. victor198134

    Still megatuning for all trucks… would be steep!

  2. victor198134

    Make still megatuning for all trucks please… for ETS 2 1.28

  3. Thank you, maybe not realistic but very nice

  4. like it, bling-bling 🙂

  5. ugly
    this is ETS2 no Need for Speed

    1. so you don’t have to download it …you happy now ? 🙂

  6. FoxOnTheBox

    I actually like these new alloy wheels, It makes a nice change. I tried them out using Afrosmius Iveco Hiway and they looked great. Thanks for sharing!

    HD Video tested on 1.28

    1. Yes, here the same- the Afrosmius Iveco Hiway as an Show Truck with this Alloy Wheels- nice. Not to work maybe only to cruise around 🙂

  7. RudeTrucker

    Hahahaaha ### is that #### guys?! Mod for kids)))))) Sure – i did not dowload this!

  8. Peter Klemmensen

    Will this work with “Real Tires Mod”??

  9. What pasword? Can you give me pasword?

  10. Esto es justamente lo que estaba buscando gracias por el mod…

  11. space cam

    can some one make this mod for version 30

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