Santiago De Compostela added v7 [1.50]

Changelogs v7
– I have built a new section on the road to Noia, specifically the one corresponding to the parish of Laraño.
– Tree walls have been removed from the area near the road and have been moved much further. These backgrounds have been subsumed by elements created to be viewed closely, which has greatly improved the appearance of the map.
– I’ve blocked access to dead-end roads, keeping it as a stage, giving those roads and their surroundings a more lifelike appearance.
– I have rebuilt the environment of the highway that leads to Lugo Avenue, making more realistic the environment of the San Lázaro hotel, as well as the landscape of trees on one side and the buildings near Lugo Avenue.
– Many buildings have been replaced by others closer to reality.
– I have also recreated and built from scratch many streets and alleys that lead to main roads. These areas do not allow trucks to enter, but greatly increase immersion and realism. Especially in the old area, but also in other parts of the city.

Compatibility for 1.50
No errors or warnings in the game.log. Totally clean.
Well optimized. It works smoothly on even the least powerful computers.



One thought on “Santiago De Compostela added v7 [1.50]

  1. Es una pasada, pero hay cosas mejorables.

    – Algunas texturas de escaparates son de muy baja calidad.
    – Los paseos con arboles tan juntos quedan bastante repetitivos y todos aparecen colocados iguales.
    – Santiago sin catedral, no es Santiago, aunque supongo que hacer o buscar un modelo 3D es imposible.

    Por lo demás, es un trabajazo. Gracias por tun labor.

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