Sarantos Scania R999


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Sarantos scania r999…!

Tested on 1.16

v8-blaine, maxx2502, 50k, jetta, pousias, anonumous, punisher


18 Responses to Sarantos Scania R999

  1. volidas says:

    Nice !!!

  2. TeddyBear says:

    Anyone located the extra lights on the roofspoiler and bullbar?

  3. terje says:

    interior not seen from inside?anyone know how to do this?

  4. guido019 says:

    bad work.

  5. VolvoFan :) says:

    If there not work, try here friends !

  6. sergeant says:

    What a Bullshit.
    Only stolen work and a new design…
    Not good…

  7. Catalin says:

    I can not find anyone else has the same problem?

  8. Ipgaxx says:

    Looks good, tho, i have to ask one thing, while you made this good looking tuning, why didnt you make the interior match what it looks like from OUTSIDE of the truck? Inside the interior is just default lol Can you make this in other colors? Like remove the red color on it and insert black or something else?

  9. Sca says:

    Fix…..fix ):

  10. Trucker Melli says:

    absoluter mist, das einzige brauchbare ist die lightbox und die bullbar, holt euch dazu den alten skin vom sarantos, dann passt das, zumindest für den scania R !

  11. C4RBON94 says:

    stolen and poorly made my friend, that interior not matching is lazy as…

    also very broken in some places and why has the front suspension collapsed???

    always suspect something when anonymous is credited aha

    not worth the download, better scanias out there and the addons are already out there to download for the standard R….

  12. HeavelsT says:

    outside is very good interior is bad

  13. Hanifloka says:


  14. dumle511 says:

    hey nice mod, but the interior does not work, when I use the mod the interiors are just red and says texture not found? plz help

    • nektarios says:

      well that happens because no one can update it for the latests versions of the game

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