Save Game For 1.33.x – 100% Discovered

You need these DLC’s:
Going East – Scandinavia – France – Italy – Baltic – Krone

● Money €95,331,784
● 17 Drivers
● 17 Trucks
● Compatible with 1.33.x update.
● All map %100 discovered
● 157 large garages
● Profile level 198
● 872,450 km’s drived




One thought on “Save Game For 1.33.x – 100% Discovered

  1. StopUsingETS2SaveEditorItRuinsSaves

    Duplicated Driver Bug, You Used ETS2 Save Editor.

    It Means The Driver You’re Playing With Is Located In Two Garages, One Is Real With The Truck You’re Using, The Other Is Just A Clone.

    This Bug Also Effects The Trailers & Trucks & Other Drivers You Have. It Gets Them Randomly Relocated To Other Garages.
    (You Put A Trailer In Amsterdam Garage, You Save & Reopen The Game, You Find That The Trailer Got Relocated To Paris)

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