Save Game For 1.35 – 100% Discovered

You need these DLC’s:
Going East – Scandinavia – France – Italy – Baltic – Krone – Michelin

● Money €95,331,784
● 1 Drivers
● 20 Trucks
● Compatible with 1.35.x update.
● All map %100 discovered
● 180 large garages
● Profile level 309
● 1,439,467 km’s drived




5 thoughts on “Save Game For 1.35 – 100% Discovered

  1. Peterbilt281

    Most Amazing Save!
    Thank You Very Much!

  2. Peterbilt281

    Would Be Better If You Didn’t Use ETS2 Save Editor.
    It Ruins The Save, You Have A Clone Driver In Amsterdam Garage Which Is Annoying & Useless.
    Good Job! Except For The Clone Driver Bug.

  3. Kitudjamiezhe

    szevasz he 😀

  4. Kitudjamiezhe

    szevasz he :D:D

  5. 129/5000
    save me does not load when I move the folder to profiles after entering the game I have neither money nor exp, only 2k from scs .. help me

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