Save game for Trucksim map 2.2


Save game:
Money: 9 999 999 999 705 768
Level: 20372493
Mod: trucksimmap v2.2

Author: xxx (from Iran)


53 Responses to Save game for Trucksim map 2.2

  1. cold says:

    tnx for this save

  2. F says:

    Money, XP… omg, did you lose control with cheat engine?

  3. Pierre says:

    ça va tu t’éclates bien Al Thaani ? Allez casse-toi!

  4. T5V says:

    Do you get a truck when you start the game

  5. T5VD says:

    I forgot a letter in my name

  6. video make says:

    can you tell the steps for this mod plzz?

  7. Destruction05 says:

    This wont work!!! help!!

    • GamerHere4 says:


      Does it work with 1.3.1 at all other wise I can update
      And I love your YouTube channel thanks for this sick mod.



  8. DaSquirrelsNuts says:

    Will This Work With 3.5?

  9. GamerHere4 says:

    Everyone this is an awesome mod please say thanks to the creator for this and hope th creator makes more great mod

  10. mitsos123 says:

    hi tec

  11. mitsos123 says:

    i am fine thanks

  12. devilb says:

    Wow this save is awsome

  13. TheDriverX says:

    is the file name 797979.rar?!

  14. TheDriverX says:

    i think i gonna test it but… it’s working???…

  15. abi says:

    how to creat new id

  16. josh swain says:


  17. JOSIAH says:



    basically download and drag and drop into profile in the euro truck simulator 2 folder and then open game and click this save game profile

  19. norway guy says:

    it wont work with the 1.13.1 version :/

  20. Elfyz254 says:

    The game keeps crashin when i try enter Amsterdam in Netherlands with this save. I play on 1.14

  21. WileyLong says:

    I don’t see a download button

  22. WileyLong says:

    Can someone post the link to the sendspace

  23. Dasquirrelsnuts says:

    Hi guys who loves my vid ETS in two days. see ya

  24. new player says:

    help this save crashes my game plz help me

  25. new player says:

    this profile crashes my game plz someone help me

  26. mattse says:

    bla bal bla

  27. Svantethetrucker says:

    Why does it chrash the game?

  28. Fr0nterz says:

    i dont know what verson i need to play on i dont have 1.4.8, i only have older and newer versions.
    Any body that coud helt me or just anser this post.

  29. Fr0nterz says:

    I only have older and newer versions tan 1.4.8, i don`t know what version i shoud play on then

    Can any body please answer me on ths one.

  30. kameron says:

    how do I download this

  31. natedog1555 says:

    new how do i download it

  32. Mani says:

    It’s not working to me

  33. Aadit says:

    It nice

  34. damien says:


  35. damien leth andersen says:


  36. damien leth andersen says:


  37. damien leth andersen says:

    i have on comment

  38. Ronal says:

    url block . now can can i download this?

  39. gamer says:

    please save game ets 1

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