Save Game For Version 1.34 (All DLC)

You need ALL DLCs (except Steampunk DLC). Definitely you need all map expansions but it may work without the other DLCs (skins, wheel tuning etc.). Unfortunately, I can not guarantee functionality in this case.

Map explored: 99.99%
All garages unlocked
Level 49 (246,662 XP)
Money: $102,034,000
Drivers and trucks in garages Salem, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Fe. You and your truck are in garage Portland.

Enjoy and please, don’t reupload this save to the other servers or sites!



2 thoughts on “Save Game For Version 1.34 (All DLC)

  1. Ähem, you are not good here, the Mod is for ATS, not for ETS2, “Steffanie”…

    1. lOl

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