Save Game (Profile) for ProMods 2.40 ETS2 1.34

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Here you have a Save Profile For ProMods 2.40 ETS2 1.34
– Money : 1,407,0591,072
– skills
– 67 Garages
– All Truck dealers
– Level 31
–cities discovered

AfzallPixell (youtube)


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2 thoughts on “Save Game (Profile) for ProMods 2.40 ETS2 1.34

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Who need this after the new ETS2 update?
    From now on, you can buy every mod truck & every garage every time.

    1. Thanks for your Reply, you are so right. 5*
      Otherwise, all these Profiles are useless. But the Author did not understand, I think. LOL

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