Save Game (v.1.2) By CrowerCZ (244 Trucks, 138 milion €) + Free Cam


Paste the file (C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2)

NEW UPDATE (v.1.2):

138 milion €
244 Trucks
149,000 km mileage
52 garage
41 level
81% Open Map

Free Cam Control:

Activation of the game by pressing “0”, the movement numeric keypad!

Moving truck to the designated place “F9”

Changelog (v.1.1):

Added: Free Cam, part save game!

121 milion €
203 Trucks
144,000 km mileage
43 garage
41 level
76% Open Map

Changelog (v.1.0):
109 milion €
195 Trucks
140,000 km mileage
39 garage
41 level



10 Responses to Save Game (v.1.2) By CrowerCZ (244 Trucks, 138 milion €) + Free Cam

  1. mike says:

    Thank you and congrats 🙂
    Could you please upload the save without your trucks? With all the garages but without trucks 🙂

  2. Gabriel says:

    Some brains you have???

    • mike says:

      I asked that because to use that profile as a test profile and decrease the loading time.
      So at the end we have an answer for your question: you have a brain in your a** only purpose is sh*t.
      If you answer that reply your whole family!!! Really tired of these retarded children on that site.

  3. BLiNKT says:

    How change speed of movement in free cam?When i press num 8 its to fast does it possible reduce speed?

    • CrowerCZ says:

      Move to your documents ( C : \ Users \ username \ Documents ) and open the folder with the name of the game. In this directory there is a file config.cfg . The open , for example, use Notepad and edit the following notation :

      g_developer “0” g_developer “1”

      In the same file, you can adjust the speed of the camera. For this purpose g_flyspeed The variable ” 30″ . The value of 30 specifies a relatively low speed. Reasonable range is from 1 – 1000. The higher the value , the faster the camera .

      Translated via Google

  4. Misa-BlondakCz says:

    čauky mam problem, nejde mi tvuj profil, mám novější patch – a dcl jen na východ. poradíš mi díky

  5. Wesley says:

    Well it wouldn’t work for me. You should add in the description that this save requires DLC.

  6. TheMiningPacman says:

    can you re-upload it without going east please? I dont have it so I cant play it…

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