Save game w/ 82 garages – 1.9.22


Save game w/ 82 garages – 1.9.22:
· Garages: 82 – useful for quick travel
· Money – 29 million euros
· No mods where used on this profile
· Cheat Engine was used but with 0 errors.
Profile was tested on both steam and retail (original) versions.
When testing mods avoid using auto-save games, you should always load
a saved game.
Installation: extract and copy 455453324D6F64732E6F7267 folder in:
C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder



2 thoughts on “Save game w/ 82 garages – 1.9.22

  1. gareth holland

    only works if you have the dlc going east installed

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