Save Profile will all unlocked (DLC’S required)


Here you have a full profile for this version.
– Money
– Garages
– Truck dealers
– Level
– 10 Trucks
– 10 Drivers

Author: akoa


4 Responses to Save Profile will all unlocked (DLC’S required)

  1. Chris says:

    Hi there how did you make this mod? I am looking to open all garages etc without spending ages driving around. I like the profile but would like to have a UK home garage.

    • akoa says:

      Hi thanks for downloading the profile. I made this mod going to all garages and buying it. It tooks me 2 hours. And I am so sorry because the main garage is in Graz but like you image, I can’t now what is the most favourite garage for the people thats why I chose Graz

  2. RAEYZEh says:

    When I use this profile and I use F7 to the Service place my whole pc crashes. Need to reboot each time, any ideas?

    • akoa says:

      I had that problem and I had to reinstall my operative system. But it’s not a profile problem.

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