SaveGame 100% Map Explored, All Garages


This is variation of original Juan Martin save game file.
Saved and tested 25.12.2014 in ETS2 v.

Going East DLC required in order to load save

– 99,99% map discovered (one tiny bit of road near Leipzig to complete 100,00% see image)
– 395 milion EUR cash
– player level 105
– all skills unlocked
– all 85 garages owned and upgraded to large (13 of them productivity 100%)
– 81 trucks owned
– 80 drivers hired (20 LVL 9.2, 60 LVL 10.0)
– average daily profit 700 000EUR
– no police (no tickets), no fatique

Can be used to easily unlock this achievements (most are done instantly) :

-Property magnate
-Aspects of professionalism
-Head hunter
-Working with the elite
-Performance optimizer
-Swimming in success
-National company
-I am a GPS
-From the comfort of your home
-Honey, I’m home
-Friends are always here to help you
-Diesel, no petrol!
-Job is only worth it if it’s done well!
-Long hauler
-Successfully docked
-Just in time!

including two tiny mods:

“Invisible Recruitment Agency Icon” by MinecraftMarioGuy53

“Undiscovered Road Finder” by Cadde

Juan Martin, MinecraftMarioGuy53, Cadde, me


15 thoughts on “SaveGame 100% Map Explored, All Garages

  1. blackhawkdooooown

    other link?

  2. Game crash after i use custom engines and transmission oh and this save have some red lines in console because missing TSM map so this is means errors

    can anyone know why when i use any custom engine & transmissions my game crash say something about badge_510 because i try different engines for my daf euro 6

  3. savegame very well and thank you for this one. I discovered the missing bit of road, but remains at 99.99%.

    savegame très bien et merci pour celle ci. J’ai découvert le petit bout de route manquant, mais reste à 99.99% .

    1. hi french introduce my name is putra i’m come from indonesia..i want to ask something about this savegame…how to install this mod? my game crash after i use this savegame..the games said “incompatible save! try to upgrade the game to the latest available versin” what the purpose? please help answer this question please add facebook me “M Eka Putra”

    2. Hey evreyone. I found all parts that still need to be discovered here. I will tell them all here and post pictures of it.
      1. A piece of road in Lodz
      2. Hotel and Recruitment Agency of Wien
      3. A piece of road near Trameri of Brno
      4. 3 pieces of road in Innsbruck
      5. Piece of road near Leipzig
      6. Bridge near Erfurt
      7. Service station of Milano
      8. Truck dealer of Verona
      9. Small piece of road in Lille
      10. Service station of Hannover and a fuel station above Hannover
      11. Above Gdansk, you need to go to the roundabout there. You might need to teleport yourself over the invisible wall on the right side of it.

      Link to pictures:
      If you do this, you will get 100% map discovery!

    1. my game crash,please help me how to install this savegame?? the game said “incompatible save! try to upgrade the game to the latest available version”

      1. original uploader

        What is your game version number in top left corner when choosing profile?? I have saved this game with version and Going east! DLC installed.

  4. Putra95, installation:
    open the file and extract winrar
    then open map 99.99 discovery
    open Euro Truck Simulator 2
    then open the mod folder to install and open the profiles folder and install it in your profiles. my documents, ETS2 and profile


  6. thanks so much for this but i lost everything in settings and too lazy to redo again plus lost everything what i had in settings and gamplay

  7. No mods or dlc required he said why does this tell me i need going east huh?

  8. ameenasif

    how pleasant game

  9. redda

  10. noooooooo!!!

    link is broken, plz fix

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