Game Version
This savegame was made by me (watch the video)
Requires all DLCs
but it could work even without DLC
50 million
Level 111
xp 654461
Qualification 10
5 iveco Hi Way
5 Semi-trailers
159 Garage
192 Unlocked Cities



5 thoughts on “Savegame

  1. Bei diesen Kondituonen fehlt der Knopf zum Beenden des Programms. Da macht es keinen Spaß, alles selbst zu verdienen!

    1. sorry but I put the link in the description and also the link of the video ..
      I don’t know why it was not possible to be visible to everyone ..


  2. hi all

    here is the video and the link to download

  3. rerre

  4. To me it is totally unnecessary. If you do not want to drive a TIR, just do not! Where is the “thrill”?

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