Savegame Euro Truck Simulator 2 up to 1.16.x


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Savegame Euro Truck Simulator 2 (With Big Money + All Skills) up to 1.16.x Compatible

Do you want to start the game with a lot of money already and all skills learned? This is the savegame for you! 😉

Password Archive: Closch&Sega

Extract the archive and put the folder in “C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles”.

Tested on v1.16.2




6 Responses to Savegame Euro Truck Simulator 2 up to 1.16.x

  1. morgan says:

    bonjour quand je transfère le ficher dans profil sa me demande le mot de passe archive mai quand je le rentre sa me mais erreur

  2. DesignX says:

    hey if you would put the real level there that is 7 and not 14 that would be more honost

  3. Anonymous says:

    does this save game support mod…??

    Please Respons..

  4. Marcelo Oliveira says:

    Precisa vir com xp infinito tambĂŠm

  5. Rifqi Hamdan says:

    thanks! nice mod!

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