Saveiro G5


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Good To Run good place in the cab ceiling Low Interior Contains No anims
but in v2 all bugs will be fixed
Place the unique interior to run the gps

Matthew Braga, Junior Moraes, Douglas Henrique

DOWNLOAD 15 MB [mediafire[
DOWNLOAD 15 MB [sharemods]

8 Responses to Saveiro G5

  1. Elaman says:

    Типа вызов принят чтоль?! xD

  2. Nick says:

    Okay… So:
    1.Repair bugs
    2.Repair steering wheel
    3.If you want, make textures more HD

    If you repair / make these things I wrote and car will be good, I will download this car. 😉

  3. @dr_jaymz says:

    an wv car that sound like a truck… :s

  4. 211293 says:


  5. sukamto says:

    flying wiper, beacon light and sunscreen??? right???

  6. lucas says:

    essa porcaria de mod ja chegou no ets 2 se fosse uma CHEVROLET MONTANA eu baixava

  7. Deadface says:

    i see quiet a lot of bugs

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