Hello, and welcome to the Scandi-Baltia Project.
We want to enhance your gameplay in the Scandinavian and Baltic region by reworking the Baltics: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.
This is a Map extension and for it to work, you will need to have Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC, Scandinavia DLC.
This map extension will include, villages, small cities, Nature, Improved Cities, and much more.

– Added Strenči
– Valka Expanded
– Added multiple signs
– Added Straupe
– Ventspils Expanded
– Added Jūrmala
– Added more signs
– Added some trees, etc.
– Added a connecting road
– Added Cēsis. (not seen in the world map, but if u drive on the new road u will drive in it.) (temporary models)
– More nature

For ETS2 Patch 1.45

xcover4, scs


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6 thoughts on “SCANDI-BALTIA PROJECT V1.0.2

  1. Pablo Reyes

    ¿Es compatible con Promods?. Saludos

  2. I hope doenst need but look like here this is not the official download link

  3. Guthrie Forbes

    It does not load in a Promods combo. Whether that is a Promods thing or other IO do not know and I have not checked. I have too much rubbish on there anyway. Have a good one

  4. Not working on 1.45 in any configuration. Tried with on new profile with game defaults (DLC) only and with ProMods but not working and not loaning the game(on a half of the load stops with incompatible message window).

    1. Hello!

      I am the creator and i tested it on 1.46 idk why they put it as 1.45
      I will try to fix the issues in v1.03.

      Best Wishes

  5. This is not the official link but alright.

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