Scandinavia Mod, ProMods Map add-on v 0.1

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This map mod you can work on yourself, but you are not allowed to publish it.
You are allowed to share this mod on other websites
This is a work by:
There is a known bug on the map. The ferry only works from Aarhus to Sjællands Odde, but not the other way. It will be looked into later, and tried to be fixed.

Welcome to the official map mod by ScandinaviaMod, for ProMods.

Map content:
In this map there are added rebuilds, new roads and a new city.

Development topic for future updates:

– Norway: Southeast Bergen,
Postnord terminal in Southeast Bergen(Drekkar Trans by default),
Container port area in Bergen,
Bergen container terminal
– Denmark: Copenhagen-Sjællands Odde(road 21),
Kolding South E45 highway intersection,
Holbæk West intersection(road 21),
Tølløse highway intersection(road 21/23),
Sjællands Odde-Aarhus(ferry),
Farm in Havnebyen,
Dagli’brugsen in Havnebyen

– Denmark: Havnebyen

Compatibility and requirements:
– ETS2 patch 1.28
– Requires ProMods 2.20(not compatible with 2.18 or earlier versions)
– Requires all three map DLCs(Going East, Scandinavia and Vive La France)
– Work with all other maps that are compatible with ProMods
– No need to start a new profile. You can use it in your same profile as you have ProMods in.

– SCS Software
– ProMods
– Chris94_NOR(developer of ScandinaviaMod)

Load order for this map are in the description! Have fun! Happy trucking!

SCS Software, ProMods, Chris94_NOR


7 thoughts on “Scandinavia Mod, ProMods Map add-on v 0.1

  1. Chris94_NOR

    The ferry bug is fixed, that it works from Sjællands Odde to Aarhus. You just need to download a new file.

    Sjællands Odde-Aarhus ferry bug fix
    Put this file in ScandinaviaMod def pack/def/ferries/connections:

  2. cool addons, i find and bug, is raining in tunels in bergen

  3. Chris94_NOR

    Moderators, the map has not been assigned in what mod cateogry it should be in.

  4. Chris94_NOR, how do i put the fix in ScandinaviaMod def pack/def/ferries/connections

  5. Chris94_NOR


    You put the file in “ScandinaviaMod Def.scs/def/ferry/connection

    1. fowlplay_uk

      Do you still need the fix or is it part of this download now?

  6. Lucas Olsen


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