Scandinavia Rebuilding v.0.9


This mod adds new roads to Scandinavia. You need DLC Scandinavia if you want to use this mod. Mod works with game version 1.19. No new profile needed.

New in version 0.9:
– Fixed some invisible wall bugs
– Added one new road
– Mod works with other mods better now
– Smaller download size
– Added mod manager info

Works at least with Rusmap, TSM and Poland Rebuilding.

It’s illegal to upload this mod to other mod sharing services, if you don’t keep the original link! Contact me, if you have questions: [email protected]



7 thoughts on “Scandinavia Rebuilding v.0.9

  1. Le mod crée un décalage de map….merci de corriger ça 😉

  2. Andrew Reader

    does it work with Promods Maps?

  3. I’m curious.

    why v0.7 had 188 MB and 0.09 only 5 MB?

    1. TodoMundoLocko

      Good question

    2. I deleted unnecessary map files so download size is smaller and map works with other map mods.

  4. TodoMundoLocko

    I think all map creators should tell us about ur map compatibility ( TSM, Promods, RusMap, Poland, etc..etc..)

  5. I’m found Invisible wall and created video about this problem.

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