Scania Т Longline Rene Bosch Engine


That mod adds a 1000HP and 1360HP engine for Scania T Longline.



5 thoughts on “Scania Т Longline Rene Bosch Engine

  1. ZIP/def file.

    Have it in the folder mod posted but the heavier engine is not recognized. Drives already have a week with this Longline but myself have so nothing to this file.

    Too bad it’s no scs file is.

  2. NPortegies

    Content of this mod in the scs file in your folder and places which again places with mod.After Game startup and see at the engines that the top two have changed.

  3. nportegies

    Very nice mod but unfortunately, this was in no longer in 1.9.22. Unfortunately, do not think the creator this will resize to 1.9 version..

  4. link for the truck please

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