Scania 1 Series (111 & 141) Astran Skin

Astran-1 Astran-2

Astran Skin for Shoofer’s Scania 1 Series, including transit plate and box texture.
Suitable for 6×4 and 4×2 chassis variants.

Thanks as always to Shoofer for creating this great classic scania!

Author: C4RBON94


4 Responses to Scania 1 Series (111 & 141) Astran Skin

  1. speedy143 says:

    Dam, beat me to it. Great job…

    • C4RBON94 says:

      Sorry lol, Thanks mate, loving your 1 series skins, saves me having to make a couple haha

  2. nick says:

    haha this is madness , i drove for this company in real life and now im doing it on a pc. let me know if anyone needs photographs of the real trucks for modding id be happy to help .
    gotta get that v8 sound sorted to you guys

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