Scania 1 Series (111 & 141) V 2.0

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– Fully independent truck (not replaced)
– 3 types of cab
– 2 types of chassis (6×4 and 6×4-2)
– 3 engines (296-350 and 375 Cv)
– 3 gearboxes (10 and 12 speeds)
– 3 types of Interiors
– 2 paintings
– Multitude of accessories
– Compatible with dlc Mighty griffin Scania.

Shoofer, (E.M Team)


23 thoughts on “Scania 1 Series (111 & 141) V 2.0

  1. HD Video Test 1.26

  2. SmellyCat

    Mod stolen and reuploaded. Don’t download. Don’t support mods thieves!!

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Video


    What is different between this version and the original uploaded by Shoofer ??


    Are there any improvements or fixes in this version ??

  5. techkilla

    Файл изменён: ‎12 ‎июля ‎2016 ‎г., ‏‎19:50:15 (((

  6. Gameplayhd2015

    Video with this amazing truck and Kriechbaum´s sound mod:



    Is there anything different in this version versus the original one uploaded by Shoofer?

    Did you fix or change anything?

    1. Nope just a reupload by the new kid in the town of losers VladmirWx

      1. SmellyCat

        Alias groningen263, mods_ats, vydka, maxagent, maxagent_2017, losevo58, and i think vladimir1203 too.

  9. ThePartyCat

    If you’re making a skin for this upscale the template to 4096×4096 😉


  10. smokeycockatiel

    Is there a Scania 2 series version ?

  11. smokeycockatiel

    do you know of a Scania 2 series version ?

    1. FRANK_WOT

      The original Scania Series 1 mod contains tuning parts to make it a Series 2. Search for: Scania 1series version 2 in trucks category. Mod was uploaded on 2016/07/13

  12. Neodammerung

    Am I the only one who cannot use this mod because everything become waaay to bright when I’m inside the cab (outside is as usual) ? Must be a mod conflict I guess but I cannot figure out which one.

    1. @Neodammerung
      I’ve had this outside brighness issue and solved it by simply disabling HDR in the game options.

  13. FoxOnTheBox

    Beautiful truck! Had a really good journey from Rotterdam to Le Havre works perfectly and Kriechbaums V8 sound is essential.

    HD Video tested 1.27x & (Promods 2.17)
    Truck Build & Test drive.

  14. Espen Skåre


    1. no

  15. bitte auf 1.35 wäre echt nice

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