Scania 1 Series (111 & 141) V 2.0

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– Fully independent truck (not replaced)
– 3 types of cab
– 2 types of chassis (6×4 and 6×4-2)
– 3 engines (296-350 and 375 Cv)
– 3 gearboxes (10 and 12 speeds)
– 3 types of Interiors
– 2 paintings
– Multitude of accessories
– Compatible with dlc Mighty griffin Scania.

Shoofer, (E.M Team)


23 Responses to Scania 1 Series (111 & 141) V 2.0

  1. Diablo says:

    HD Video Test 1.26

  2. SmellyCat says:

    Mod stolen and reuploaded. Don’t download. Don’t support mods thieves!!

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video

  4. FRANK_WOT says:

    What is different between this version and the original uploaded by Shoofer ??


    Are there any improvements or fixes in this version ??

  5. techkilla says:

    Файл изменён: ‎12 ‎июля ‎2016 ‎г., ‏‎19:50:15 (((

  6. Gameplayhd2015 says:

    Video with this amazing truck and Kriechbaum´s sound mod:

  7. Vovka says:

  8. FRANK_WOT says:

    Is there anything different in this version versus the original one uploaded by Shoofer?

    Did you fix or change anything?

    • Oliver says:

      Nope just a reupload by the new kid in the town of losers VladmirWx

      • SmellyCat says:

        Alias groningen263, mods_ats, vydka, maxagent, maxagent_2017, losevo58, and i think vladimir1203 too.

  9. ThePartyCat says:

    If you’re making a skin for this upscale the template to 4096×4096 😉

    Screenshot:[email protected]/um8g38

  10. smokeycockatiel says:

    Is there a Scania 2 series version ?

  11. smokeycockatiel says:

    do you know of a Scania 2 series version ?

    • FRANK_WOT says:

      The original Scania Series 1 mod contains tuning parts to make it a Series 2. Search for: Scania 1series version 2 in trucks category. Mod was uploaded on 2016/07/13

  12. Neodammerung says:

    Am I the only one who cannot use this mod because everything become waaay to bright when I’m inside the cab (outside is as usual) ? Must be a mod conflict I guess but I cannot figure out which one.

    • JESAN says:

      I’ve had this outside brighness issue and solved it by simply disabling HDR in the game options.

  13. FSXNOOB says:

    Here is some gameplay 🙂

  14. FoxOnTheBox says:

    Beautiful truck! Had a really good journey from Rotterdam to Le Havre works perfectly and Kriechbaums V8 sound is essential.

    HD Video tested 1.27x & (Promods 2.17)
    Truck Build & Test drive.

  15. Espen Skåre says:


  16. Sheriff says:

    bitte auf 1.35 wäre echt nice

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