Scania 1 Series Dealer Fix

This fix will make the Scania 1 series by Shoofer available in the dealershop.
Place this mod above the Scania 1 mod in the mod list.
Please note that the Scania 1 is an old mod and this will not fix any other issues.

Credits for Siebel3D for help.

By: DrRossi



6 thoughts on “Scania 1 Series Dealer Fix

  1. ChilleBro

    THANK YOU <3

  2. does not show up for me…. I am on 1.31
    What version of mod did you use

    1. I use this one:

      Then place my fix above it in the mod prio list.

  3. is there any legitimate version of this truck WITHOUT errors? a working ling please? Then I will download the fix 😉 thanks a lot!

    1. Exactly! Fix the truck itself and then it will be a good mod that won’t need another fix for a mod that needs to be fixed.

  4. I know it still has errors, but the truck still works.
    Its just a little fix, so it can be bought at the Scania dealer.

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