Scania 1 Series Ronny Ceusters Skin

Ronny-Ceusters-3 Ronny-Ceusters-2 Ronny-Ceusters-1

If Ronny Ceusters had a 1-series in their fleet (which they didn’t as far as I know), this is how it could look like. The lightbox is included in the skin download.

Skin is suitable for the Scania 1-series from Shoofer.
Skin is made in 4k resolution, no compression is used generating the .dds texture files. Matching texture for lightbox included in the pack.

Required mod(s)
Scania 1-series Shoofer’s mod

Graphics & skin: DaStig
Truck and template: Shoofer

Skin is not locked so you can change it to your needs, but always respect credits.


Author: DaStig


9 Responses to Scania 1 Series Ronny Ceusters Skin

  1. siggiHLN says:

    Thank you DaStig for uploading or sharing your great work. Thumbs up, i like it so much !

  2. Poj6102 says:

    great skin m8! Do you maybe have a link for the trailer??

  3. zoso says:

    nice! DaStig ?
    where can I get the wheels of the truck and trailer??
    thank you

    • SeriousSam says:

      same for me – the wheels are awesome too – can somebody grant the link for? Thanks

  4. jimmi says:

    very nice DaStig. hope you will make a nice ceuster skin for the lowroof rjl scania. i absolutely love your work / jimmi

  5. jimdurst says:

    very nice DaStig. hope you will make a ceusters skin for the lowroof rjl scania in the future/ jimmi

  6. Mikael79 says:

    Good work,very nice,thanks.

  7. GTHusky says:

    That has got to be one of the most beautiful truck/trailer/wheel and color combo I’ve seen. Great work!

  8. AlwaysLuuk says:

    Awesome!<3 wheel mod?

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