Scania 1 Series Special Interior by AIM

Scania 1-Series v2.1

Standalone Truck
2 New interiors for normal and longline (they are different)
5 Chassis Type
3 Cabin Type
3 Interior Style
Tandem Trailer ( Ownable )
Vabis Wheels
Sound v8 (375hp+)
Tuning Parts
All Tamplate Included
DLC Mighty Griffin Supported
DLC Window Flags Supported
DLC Cabin Accessories Supported
Vabis Wheels supported for Trailer Ownership
Tandem trailer Addon have 2 Chassis (3 Axle, 2 Axle)

Anti , Shoofer, AIM


2 thoughts on “Scania 1 Series Special Interior by AIM

  1. GermanETS2Driver

    Good looking Interior but why you upload it with the Truck? That means you steal shoofers work its not okay pls delete the link and publish it without the Truck only Interior…

  2. think+you+should+just+just+delete+this+one+because+i+tried+and+enable+this+but+the+game+clicks,+is+on+the+game+in+version+1.35+…

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