Scania 10000 HP Engine


10000 HP Engine for Scania Truck

Author: kevintom


18 thoughts on “Scania 10000 HP Engine

  1. sorry but need for speed is over that way =>

  2. Yo let’s rock with power. But not here lol
    Make your mods om NFS. Moron !!!!!!!!

  3. Why not have a NFS engine to go with the games NFS physics?


    1. is your face

  5. NoobSaibot

    10000HP, 20000 HP, 30000 HP ###…

  6. bwuuuurk

  7. unreal and ugly this is a simulator no race game when you will race play Formula Truck 2013

  8. Immer diese vollpfosen die meinen zu müssen, dass das kein ETS mehr ist ^^. Hier gehts um ein reines ”Fun-Mod”. Ich finds klasse ^^

    1. booring-mod-hater

      aber das Mod ist Xtausendste mit 10.000 PS, das ist denn auch kein Fun mehr, wenn der Xte Vollpfosten das gleiche Mod zum Xten mal rausbringt.

  9. Big Child.

  10. kevintom is a little child
    and he wants to be a great great modler

  11. unnötig


  13. ThePossible

    How to download ?

  14. eek_lo_dasar_kamvret

    dropbox eror please fix the link as soon as possible in this

  15. To all the haters complaining go complain somewhere else. If you don’t like it keep it to your freaking selves, I bet all of you could not make a good mod.

  16. Nice mod, It works very well. Wish people would stop complaining though.

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