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Scania 111S

1363072216_scania-111s-1 1363072145_scania-111s-2 1363072203_scania-111s-3

– Model independent, sold in salons Scania
– He has his own room, painted, there is something of tuning (kengooryatniki, lights, mufflers, wheel)
– The mod also present a set of engines and PPC
– In general, qualitative enough track

Author: Tonho


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27 Responses to Scania 111S

  1. Mak-Kyver says:

    if there is no author, DO NOT UPLOAD OR SHARE!!

  2. Tiigeris says:

    Front lights doesn t work, it only shows visual effect but in night u are blind and can t see anything!

  3. hicham says:

    lights are actually working, but why the i see mirrors in the mirrors plz fix that and also get rid of the display in the dashboard it’s an old truck make it realistic plz !!

  4. jyothiprakash says:

    which version this mod supports?

  5. BigBear says:

    I don`t have a problem, i can see the mirrors in mirrors. I wonder if it is possible and create pipes up behind the cabin. I have no skills to make this my self. This truck is amazing. Thanks to the creator 🙂

  6. viper21 says:

    Doesn’t work with i don’t have ANY mod in my folder. too bad.

    • abasstreppas says:

      Why don’t you upgrade to 1.3.x? Oh, you forgot to get a legal copy…

      • hicham says:

        i have the latest version of ETS 2 and it’s not legal ok? so stop telling every one who asks about version that their copy isn’t legal !!!!

        • TFM says:

          Version doesn’t matter if you pirated the game or bought it. It means, if you still have 1.2.5 and you pirated your game, you’re just lazy.
          I’m a filthy pirate and I’m running 1.3.1

          • TFM says:

            Wait, it could just mean you’re inept if you’re scared or unable to upgrade to 1.3.1
            In such a case, you have no business messing with mods anyway.

          • hicham says:

            are you stupid i’ve said i have the latest so it’s 1.3.1 !!

  7. Erik says:

    Hi! Does this mod work with V. 1.1.1? I would love to have this mod

  8. Freddy Jimmink says:

    FakeFreddy, learn at least decent Englishh, and at least say greets, Freddy at the end of Your comments, maybe than people believe You,

    A bad name i already have, so therefor i don’t care!



  9. Ha_Wik says:

    hi all.
    most of the mods here don´t work properly in the game. i have found only 5 that are 100% compatible with the game. and my game has all the latest patches and is a english version. my computer is up to date when it comes to drivers and it is powerful enough. the problem is within the mods. best regards to you all.

  10. hapsee says:

    perfect truck hi, can someone change the skin? original color is not pretty 🙁 The GTS is the truck repainted

  11. Gawel says:

    It says “- Model independent, sold in salons Scania” so it should’nt be in Scania salon?

    I’ve just installed this mod, enable it and I don’t see any scania 111s in any salon. What’s wrong?

    • Edward says:

      Same here

      • TFM says:

        Just curious, but did you guys remember to activate the mods at startup? I’ve forgotten before and couldn’t figure out why a mod wasn’t working.
        This mod showed up fine at a Scania dealer for me.

        • Edward says:

          yeah, i think its probs clashing with another mod i have installed im going to have a play round. i have the same problem with the MP4

  12. TFM says:

    Check out the wheels from this mod on the Scania Upgrade V1 mod.


  13. mike_mac says:

    Has anyone been able to fix the “mirrors within the mirrors” problem? Thanks.

  14. Driver480 says:

    Can you please update this mod too 1.7.0?

  15. Pedro Costa says:

    this mod works on version 1.11?

  16. max says:

    my crash when i start the motor

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