Scania 112h Intercooler


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Offer to all fans of Brazilian truck converted me bonnet Scania 112h Intercooler
Fixed all errors, ordered new lights.
Version: 1.16
Converting Bruno Ribeiro (BrunoRs3D)
By: Thiago Cardoso Edition: Juliano Schonardie
Registration: Andr Matheus Finishing: Lucas Fernandes.
Author: fixes and upgrades: vovangt4

Bruno Ribeiro, vovangt4


16 Responses to Scania 112h Intercooler

  1. worksgr8 says:

    why keep uploading a rubbish mod

    • Доброжелатель says:

      Ты бы для начала, хоть какой нибудь мусор сделал своими руками, а потом открывал свой рот. Эксперт хуев…

    • YoMama says:

      bcause you #### and ur an ####### …

    • Adan says:

      Cause not everybody has the same opinion as you do

  2. LionBuster says:

    video? ;/

  3. KefirTV says:

    Official HD video:
    But now it is only start uploading

  4. Pieter says:

    1st Brazilian mod that looks normal!
    Congrats! 🙂

  5. Vitallix says:

    Бразильское дерьмецо

  6. KefirTV says:

    Very good mod!

  7. Vinicius says:

    Bom mod mas Bruno, a falta de textura em algumas partes como por exemplo o chassis quebra o visual, o material “cru” da um ar de “meio acabado” como se fosse na viewport antes do render, de um jeito de aplicar textura a esses materiais e seu mod vai ficar TOP.

  8. Panzer_killer says:

    Для школоты сойдёт

  9. jdwarfer says:

    It’s rubbish. Can’t anyone see how bad are the reflections? ####…

  10. Artur says:

    Это кусок говна, которое за даром не надо, чтоб не стать идиотом в конец)
    Для школоты тупоголовой только…

  11. Wondering says:

    Does this only work for 1.16 and not for 1.15?

  12. BrunoRs3D says:

    that Scania is not in the photo, is fake… original link

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