Scania 113 v 2.1 [1.34.x]

New Scania 113H Torpedo, with tuning and sounds.
New version, with paintsjobs, clean defs, and no errors.
Interiors parts, steering wheel and gearboxes.

RJL: For interiors parts, steering wheel and gearboxes.
Scania 113 (Defs, textures, etc) sheppardpat47
Interior: Scania R RJL
Fix: Nappa_


12 thoughts on “Scania 113 v 2.1 [1.34.x]

  1. maninblack

    can you make this whit sideskirts?

    1. Dylano072

      Yea I want iT with sideskirts too

  2. Rodrigo Araujo Gameplay

    Scania Torpedo is fake mod. The original author is LS Mods. It’s a shame this download!!!

    1. sheppardpat47

      No the original mod is from LS Mods, but it was too much Brazilian for me, so I’ve removed all the things that I don’t like, and make an edit of his mod, he never said “Don’t edit my mod” I’ve done it and tag it in my mod, and yes it’s HIS mod but it’s MY edit and I’ve abandonned the project of making the mod compatible for 1.34

      1. Rodrigo Araujo Gameplay

        Man, in my opinion it is not necessary for the editor to write not to do, it is a matter of ethics, if it is not yours and you want to customize your way, ask for authorization.

        1. sheppardpat47

          I’ve tagged the author of the mod, I don’t see any inconvenient in that

  3. Sim uma pena este dawload por isso que o LS deixou de atualizar ele

    1. LS Mods stopped supporting its mod because of the narcissist sheppardpat47, who did not even indicate the authors of the model and the original mod

  4. Vers .1.34 with no Cable simulation ???

  5. Nice mod but it has some bugs that need to be fixed, 1st – it bugs the profile truck image, 2nd – While using an outside cam, it has a window at the back of the truck that doesn’t exist while using the interior cam

  6. this mods make my game click so not working

  7. I+love+this+truck+and+this+mod+has+evolved.+But+there+are+still+some+flaws.+The+perfect+and+100%+accurate+interior+would+be+that+of+the+Ekualizer’s+Scania+143M+latest+fix+(june+2019).+The+steering+wheel+on+this+mod+is+still+wrong.+And+the+series+4+steering+wheel+from+RJL+mods+weren’t+even+used+in+the+113.+And+many+of+the+original+”Brazilianness”+are+still+present.+Unfortunately.

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