Scania 113 V2


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– Available in Scania dealer
– 1 type of cabin
– 3 kinds of frame
– 1 engine type
– 2 types of transmissions
– 1 type interior
– More than 50 accessories

Testadp in version 1.24.x

Victor Benachio, Luís Gustavo, Tonho Nunes, Dentinho, Lucas Fernandes, 50Keda and iCouto

DOWNLOAD 70 MB [Mirror]

5 Responses to Scania 113 V2

  1. zoso says:

    I want to remind you that it is not correct to block other authors Files
    50keda it does not allow to block its work.
    I will not be downloading this mod of principle
    Re-read the rules 50keda thanks

  2. sheppardpat47 says:

    Crash, crash and…crash…
    Stop making Brazillians mods and PLEASE USE ENGLISH NAMES IN DEFS >:(

    • CiceeX6 says:

      Hey dude! What you think about stop talk #### and make something better for us! AND FREE! Course! This mod work’s fine…

      • sheppardpat47 says:

        I already work with a friend to do just a little cleaner mod

  3. fin says:


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