Scania 113H MEGAMOD

Scania 113H MEGAMOD Brazilian with more than 350 options and chassis variations the glasses are now functional and much more mod updated to version 1.41 of ets2.

Rafael Alves


9 thoughts on “Scania 113H MEGAMOD

  1. Béla Rácz

    Hello, very nice and Detailed Mod! I lobe this Classic Scania, bu i have one Problem…. The reverse Alarm Sound is Horrible….. How i can Delete it? Greetings from Switzerland Racer93

    1. I agree and I just removed the reverse sound in the “sound options” of the game…

      1. Béla Ràcz

        Hi Serena, thats a good idea! Thanks

        1. You’re welcome 😉

  2. GREAT mod, I love this truck, obligado 😉

  3. Is it possible to change license plate? Cause i want a european plate 😉

    1. Pedro Fernandes

      Talvez com um modo de placas ” matrícula”

      1. Yes but then i need the def name

  4. Is it compatible with 1.43?

    Thank you!

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