Scania 113M & 143M

Scania 113M & 143M (3) Scania 113M & 143M (1) Scania 113M & 143M (2)

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– Tested on 1.17 1.18 1.19.x
– Have a many tunings parts with perfect quality
– Have a 3 different cabin
– Have a many chassis
– Have a own sound
– Have a own interior and animations
– Have a real engine powers and transsmissions
– Have a ao texture and hd textures with perfect materials
– Have a metalic colours
– Have a own shop parts
– Standalone

Dont have a passworld and you can edit this mod

Author: hempam group{aslan808}


17 Responses to Scania 113M & 143M

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video on v1.19.1

  2. matpol98 says:

    Seems like it works great, has a few bugs that i noticed. The sound sounds great from the exterior, only problem is it sounds the same in the interior, so that needs to be worked on. Other than that, its quite good, think i’ma give it some more time though.

  3. c says:

    Really nice mod! perfect job but there is some bugs with it 🙂 fx the back blinker dont show up but thats the only thing i can point out mabye some new sounds but other than that awesome job looking forward to a V2

  4. Worksgr8 says:

    looks promising just a few things it could do with the other 143 cab in ekualizers mod, the rear bumper could be made like rjl so you can put the lights on yourself and apply it to all chassis same for the back plate, needs original interiors, custom sideskirts and treadplate for all chassis, could be made skinnable and last but not least the stupid badge in the window and side of the cab needs removing

  5. Senpai says:

    Definetively needs some work, like the folks above me have pointed out. Very good start though, always nice to see some older trucks done relatively well. I reckon the ability to customize chassis should be a bit more in depth, with the ability to choose the tuning components in the browser rather than having select chassis’ with smaller differences. Smaller static objects like the name plate in the window should also be removed, i reckon. And like Worksgr8 suggested, a rear bumper like RJL’s would be perfect.

    I hope the creator can pick up on some of this, or someone else pick the mod up and refine it a tad more.

  6. wtf says:

    Doesn’t even work on 1.19.

    It doesn’t have the new wheel system yet.

  7. c says:

    I have no problems with the mod in 1.19 🙂 wheels works fine 🙂 just the annoying light bugs

  8. sannXx says:

    the front glass accesories makes this truck available at lvl 26 :/ please fix it in the next release

  9. Christer says:

    On the Scania 113 the game crashes big (Can’t do anything then push the restart button on the computer chassis) when clicking on Front Wheel in customization.

  10. owen says:

    could someone make a sound for this truck

  11. tomz says:

    top mod dah gan…
    thaks for your share

  12. Wan_Ted says:

    is it this mod including of template??

  13. könig says:

    no running to patch 1.19x game crashed

  14. musavi_1376(ehsan musavi) says:

    Follow us on Instagram: @hempamgroup

  15. phil says:

    How do I delete the sound ???

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