Scania 114L 380 + Interior


Convert: trucker2121
For Game Version
Exclusive interior

Authors: NewTon, Anaheim, Mr.Poland, EDD123, SCS.


20 Responses to Scania 114L 380 + Interior

  1. ABV says:

    Which is this map?

    • PallMall says:

      kosovo mazedonia 2.2

      • A High Hamster says:

        could we get a link to the map or is it private?

      • Bouncer says:

        Same, a link would be good if it’s possible.

      • bonjovi says:


        • Ja says:

          Opusti se budalo. Niko nije pricao o statusu Kosova. Ovo je igra, optereceni…

          • bonjovi says:

            Ја сам то написао због назива мапе. А ти, или не умеш да читаш, или си признао Косово.

    • Dovydas says:

      Yes, help people, what map is this?

  2. Madatij says:

    Make it standalone!

  3. Tomek says:

    This looks great!


  4. EMRE says:

    scamıada yok sürüm ama yok

  5. Fredrik Freiberg says:

    this mod i awesome! dude you rock! 😀 if you are gona make it better with more chassis options it would be great! 🙂

  6. Olstad says:

    Dose it woork as a 6×2 and 6×4 also?

  7. J says:

    This mod isn’t all that awesome with texture issues, poorly fitted parts in the cabin, all in all it’s a project that could have been done better by more experienced modders, changing cab type will crash you, and textures in old format, a Frankenstein of a mod from parts of ETS 1 truck.

  8. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice model but have some mayor bugs: the dashboard clocks are all wrong (gas, temperature, air pression, etc) the rear wheels are misplaced, rain in windshield, affects all models in scania dealer…

  9. Alex_42 says:

    Please make GPS

  10. manzyy says:

    GUYS! WATCH IT NOW! THIS MODEL IS BEST AND OF THIS NEW MOD: u can’t finde here in this site :

  11. Dovydas says:

    WHAT MAP IS IT????

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