Scania 114L Kırkayak

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-The tool belongs to Muammer Iron

– Worked on the Centipede Chassis

-Works on Version 1.36

-Between Cup And Bodywork Ao

-Ao = Mustafa E. Aykaç

-Articles = Mustafa E. Aykaç

-Car body =?

-Stops =?

-Mudguards =?

Signboard = Ziya Bergal

-Iron =?

-Edit = Furkan Arslan (I)

-Adjustments = Furkan Arslan (I)

-Led = Erdem Kuzey

Safes = Alperen Sağlam

-A lot of people have labor

-This vehicle was stolen by a little thief ‘ccs’

Muammer Demir,Furkan Arslan,Mustafa E.Aykaç,Ziya Bergal


5 thoughts on “Scania 114L Kırkayak

  1. Вася Пупкин

    Нужно быть полным долбаёбом чтобы публиковать скрины, на которых ни хера не видно.

  2. Nice!!! Screenshots in the night!!

    1. Turks mod. It’s #### anyway

      1. ???

  3. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.36 :

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