Scania 124G 1.7.0


The wheels were not tested, only trucks!

Author: Fabio Brazuca


15 thoughts on “Scania 124G 1.7.0

  1. ### for that #### 142 mb?

  2. Joke ?

  3. look ugly for me. sorry

  4. mark225scania

    very nice truck,kepp up the good work 😉

    1. Fabio Brazuca

      Thanks buddy for the comment and glad you liked it!

  5. Argosy2013

    i may test this, looks great but my god dude those wheels… lol jokes aside God stuff, wish i could do this haha

    1. Fabio Brazuca

      Here in Brazil these wheels are loved hahahahahahah

  6. hi Fabio

    Is this a Brazilian truck ?

    1. Fabio Brazuca

      this is a legitimate truck Brazilian style hahahahaha that is very successful on Brazilian roads!

  7. There are much brtter modeled Torpedo’s out there. This looks nothing like an actual Scania


    original mod made by me TONHO NUNES

    1. and it is very ugly


    its a scania series 4 , the original mod contains a 124 , and 124 torpedo , very common in brazilian roads

  10. LOL it reminded me off this commercial: Commercial

  11. what truck does this mod replace Fabio?

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