Scania 124L


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Scania 124L Truck, works fine on 1.11 version

Author: satan19990


11 thoughts on “Scania 124L

  1. Anything new added in this version?

    1. Kasabian15

      That’s good question. ;D

    2. goldchass

      Google Translate :

      CHANGES in v1.5
      – I’ve added new slots for tuning on the front grille
      – Stickers globe in black
      – I added a light box
      – I added a plate TIR, ADR, G, L, etc..
      – I added mountings Tromba cab Topline
      – I added a metallic color (for v1.10)
      – Fixed grill
      – I’ve added the ability to change the visor
      – Fixed ui shadow in the chassis 4×2, 6×4, 6×2
      – I have added 2 new skins
      – I added the front wheels with the logo of Scania
      – Other minor poprawiki model

      Source : satan19990’s site

  2. i’ve got old mod and work fine on 1.11. It’s a very nice mod! i love this sound engine (by volidas). I recommand

  3. love this truck but its left hand drive only any chance you can do a right hand drive or is there i way i can make it right hand drive

  4. SCANIII2008

    video preview of truck:

  5. mod crashes my game any suggestions?

  6. irya putra

    satan19990 can you make a new v8 or loudpipe sound for this lovely truck
    i hope you can make it
    thanks for the truck 🙂

  7. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Do I extract this and put the SCS files in the mod folder only? I get a lot of .dds files and I’m not sure what to do with those 🙁

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