Scania 141 Super convert


replaces:renault magnum
still beta
if re-edit credit me
if u know author from gts pm me
[email protected]

author gts:unknown to ets2:balkanboy


16 thoughts on “Scania 141 Super convert

  1. trucklove

    interior?? original renault or scania 141 (beta)

    1. balkanboy

      will be interior is in progress

  2. great work filip!! u did the right thing buddy!!

    1. balkanboy

      TNX jimmi

  3. Please add it to scania dealers!…. so it uses scania own sounds etc, so you can use the V8 sound for it etc etc, why magnum?? magnum dosent even deserve something awesome like this!

    1. Magnum sucks and finely the dealer comes to use. haha

      1. balkanboy

        yea olstad thats why i replaced magnum i hated it 😀

  4. is it possibel to get a dowload link from another hoste? this is just stuck at 0%

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Alternative link:


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. balkanboy

      pls do not reupload

  6. Good work freddy! Love it!
    Maybe you could make it so that it replaces a scania instead? For sound and mod reasons 🙂

    Now I’d love to see a nice 143/143 streamline convert!!!


    1. U could do scania 143 ? I will try over couple of days

    2. Not a streamline version :/ make the older version of the 143 470HP one!

  7. balkanboy

    if some modder willing to help me to get this as a standalone please add me on facebook…

  8. aggelospap

    what version works?

  9. Heisenberg

    The link is not aviabile anymore

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