Scania 141 V8 Sound


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Just interior sound! Tested 1.22

Csizi, Volidas


14 Responses to Scania 141 V8 Sound

  1. Scania1997 says:

    nice !

  2. kankho says:

    can’t download internal server error please reupload

  3. Philippe says:

    A deeper sound and more howling and that”s it!!!

  4. Mattia says:

    Why only interior sound??

  5. SeriousSam says:


  6. JESAN says:

    And a real nice exhaust brake sound

  7. GTHusky says:

    The starter sounds familiar, as well as the engine brake… that’s all I’ll say. The rest is, I must say, it is very well done. I am actually very impressed. Sounds is something I’m very critical of with driving and racing games.

  8. tyrannix2342 says:

    super sound for old Scania 🙂

  9. volidas says:

    Good sound for the legend of scania…!

  10. AchillesSibir says:

    Πολύ ωραίος φιλαράκι…Δυνατός ήχος…Το όνομα μου είναι και το κανάλι στο Youtube,επειδή δέν ξέρω που να σε βρώ εάν θές στείλε μου εκεί…

  11. KimJohansenTahiri says:

    Can you made this sound to RJL?

  12. Goofy02 says:

    Very cool scania 141V8 sound Why only sound outside not in the cab i don’t have any sound any more in the cab not even a horn.

  13. carl says:

    Can not hear the V8 inside the cab Hear it only from outside. Know someone wrong? ?

  14. Eason says:

    Terrible sound…

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