Scania 143 Sound 1.24.xx


I started playing again after long time and couldnt find a proper working sound mod for Scania143 so i decided to take my favourit sound of this trucks which is the Scania143 sound from Volidas and make it work on 1.24.xx this my first mod although it isn’t a mod is something like rework.
Instructions: unzip the file and place the scs file into C:UsersxxxxxDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod

Authors: original sound-Volidas, truck-Ekualizer, rework-greektrucker


7 Responses to Scania 143 Sound 1.24.xx

  1. terje says:


  2. sheppardpat47 says:

    “original sound-Volidas” By Kapitänleutnant Kriechbaum, so…No respect for the author of the sound
    It’s just Kriechbaum’s Scania Open Pipe sound rework for the 143M
    No respect and not realistic…

    • greektrucker says:

      relax man i just tried to do something because i couldnt find anything on the internet….

    • volidas says:

      As i see in sound folder,there is ogg files as i remember of my 143 sound v3 and files that i don’t recognize but for sure there is not Kriechbaum’s ogg file’s.
      Kriechbaum is my best friend and i know his work, i use all of them from very old…

    • kriechbaum says:

      Hi, no there is no sounds of mine in this mod 😉

  3. Philippe says:

    Sound please??? All the sounds i heared are complete rubbich. They tryed but the Scania 143m V8 is difficult. I wish i could fix it,but noob as i am.

  4. Trucker_Bob says:


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