SCANIA 143 sound


More realistic sound for 143 v.2.0 by Ekualizer.
Credits to Ekualizer for original sound…



12 thoughts on “SCANIA 143 sound

  1. ωραιος ηχος ρε φιλε στο 143αρι

  2. hakkebøf

    Best V8 sound i ever heard.

    1. hardly.. you can still hear the default scania engine in the background, there is hardly any ‘classic’ V8 Scania tone at all. Furthermore, there is no exhaust brake at all, just the whine of the retarder activating.

  3. muito bom som um dos melhores que ja ouvi

  4. does this sound work with any scania as its the best sound
    ive heard

  5. file teleios o hxos sou..o kaluteros..mprabo sou.

  6. Not working on R series? atleast not with me..

    Too bad tho because this is the best v8 sound i heard so far!

  7. Good sound on the video, but all I can hear is just a low frequency sounding version of SCS’s scania sound.

    1. Good sound in the video indeed, I have almost the same problem as you! I hear this sound but very soft.. almost nothing

  8. Trucker Teddy

    i need this sound for 2009 Scania *_*

  9. biochazard

    why dose the mod only work with this type of scania?
    P.S. i have a better sound than this it needs more low sound it’s way to high right now

    thats how i feel about it

  10. Weirdpersone

    does it work with 1.7? because first it did well, but now I have a weird sound…

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