Scania 143 + Trailer Shmitz


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Especially for admins: the one on your site got not original link, im author of the trailer and remake of scania also i don’t want to see how people make money on my mod.
Remove it please:

Got interior, wheels, animation, DLC, small tuning, lights.
Works on latest versions.
Do not reupload please.

Vladimir76rus, ExCrimea, Fenix


9 Responses to Scania 143 + Trailer Shmitz

  1. Diablo says:

    Authors: SCS, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo, Ekualizer

  2. zoso says:

    Before you complain learns to respect the credits.
    Add the original authors who wrote Diablo
    otherwise remove this truck
    because in this community we do not need people smarter than us

    • Terra says:

      “in this community we do not need people smarter than us”
      You right about the authors, but in the same time, I see an interesting statement, so, to understand, in your community you want only stupid people. :))
      Your community thinks somehow that it’s sort of the cream of humanity, or something, do you?

      • zoso says:

        friend I try to explain better
        I meant that a person who does not respect the community
        thinks he’s smarter than us.
        But we are not stupid to understand these people
        because of this many people modders have disappeared.
        I do not speak English

        • gorf says:

          I think your English is ok Zoso and keep up with what you do! đŸ˜‰

  3. DanielEts2Dan says:

    This is for city car driving i have checked and verified file

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