Scania 143H

Scania 143H with Danish style interior



21 thoughts on “Scania 143H

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2

    There is no site to download the mod 🙁

    1. scaniatrucker73

      That’s because he messed up the link.

      The right link is:!nJEnkIQR!FVTCT4vh4L8KcFtfnGQLvmx1pvrEFfeH6Q1cd61So94

      1. hey it’s fake old mod???

  2. not download!

  3. Ghostheijink

    Is not in Paid mod ?

  4. no download fix it please

  5. there’s+no+link+bro…+



  6. fake!!!

  7. is this real?
    send the mod to my mail
    [email protected]

  8. Hedegaard

    Its not fake….But its not Andersen who put it up.

  9. Thank you!
    The link can be obtained from the error page which shows up after clicking “download”:!nJEnkIQR!FVTCT4vh4L8KcFtfnGQLvmx1pvrEFfeH6Q1cd61So94

    – BS1

  10. It works but it has texture problems on the outside together with some material errors and the mod file has a lot of outdated stuff in it. Bad mod.

  11. Texture errors, terrible mod.
    What a shame – a good 3 series bonnet Scania is what this game needs!

    – BS1

  12. Guys, mod from November 8, 2015 !!!

  13. das ist der scania 113H also fake

  14. If you guys don’t like my mod, MOVE ON!

    You’re all ignorant people, I swear…

  15. ugly fake
    full of errors
    ###### mod

    1. So what? I’ll upload it again anyway. I worked hard for this truck and it has NO ERRORS. How about you get off of the site and stop bashing me for my work?

      1. Anderson lade den nochmal hoch der eine ist der scania 113h nicht der 143h danke

  16. GROW UP! If you don’t lie a mod, MOVE ON, and stop acting like little bitches! FFS!

  17. @dr_jaymz

    Thanks Andersen for all your hard work, it has some errors and need more tuning options. Thanks again

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