Scania 143H

Scania 143H with Danish style interior



21 Responses to Scania 143H

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    There is no site to download the mod 🙁

  2. Kei says:

    not download!

  3. Ghostheijink says:

    Is not in Paid mod ?

  4. mike says:

    no download fix it please

  5. jos says:




  6. Richard says:


  7. Richard says:

    is this real?
    send the mod to my mail
    [email protected]

  8. Hedegaard says:

    Its not fake….But its not Andersen who put it up.

  9. BS1 says:

    Thank you!
    The link can be obtained from the error page which shows up after clicking “download”:!nJEnkIQR!FVTCT4vh4L8KcFtfnGQLvmx1pvrEFfeH6Q1cd61So94

    – BS1

  10. Falcon72 says:

    It works but it has texture problems on the outside together with some material errors and the mod file has a lot of outdated stuff in it. Bad mod.

  11. BS1 says:

    Texture errors, terrible mod.
    What a shame – a good 3 series bonnet Scania is what this game needs!

    – BS1

  12. Cruise says:

    Guys, mod from November 8, 2015 !!!

  13. DjTom says:

    das ist der scania 113H also fake

  14. Andersen says:

    If you guys don’t like my mod, MOVE ON!

    You’re all ignorant people, I swear…

  15. TRUCKER says:

    ugly fake
    full of errors
    stupid mod

    • Andersen says:

      So what? I’ll upload it again anyway. I worked hard for this truck and it has NO ERRORS. How about you get off of the site and stop bashing me for my work?

      • DjTom says:

        Anderson lade den nochmal hoch der eine ist der scania 113h nicht der 143h danke

  16. Sejer says:

    GROW UP! If you don’t lie a mod, MOVE ON, and stop acting like little bitches! FFS!

  17. @dr_jaymz says:

    Thanks Andersen for all your hard work, it has some errors and need more tuning options. Thanks again

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