Scania 143m


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Scania 143m truck.
Old, but gold truck, everyone should know this fantastic truck.
Very realistic sounds
Have interior
Works on all versions
Looks very good with fridge trailer.

Ekualizer, EED123, Sheryo, Kamil


10 thoughts on “Scania 143m

  1. Crediting Ekualizer would have been nice. Rather pointless mod in any case

  2. Hello im not 100% happy with this mod! first you cant put any lights on it second there is no v8 sound and the lights are all messed up please fix this!

    1. Use the real mod [url=] here [/url]. Has all the parts.

      Never understand why this truck gets remapped and uploaded with the full (usually partially crippled) mod instead of just a basic skin.

      1. EJTruckingINC

        What mod it says it don’t exist…you jerking our chain or what???

  3. So, what’s new? Ecualizer havent updated it recently

    1. Doesn’t need updating. Runs fine on 1.15.

  4. Lots of errors in the log and the lights in the front are all messed up

  5. Что с передними фонарями на бампере? При выборе оси 4х2 передний бампер закрывает передние фонари. Автор, исправь это.

  6. EJTruckingINC

    forgive my assholishness lol i got sorted it out. some of the lights don’t work but i can live with that…cheers!!!

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