Scania 143M 420


New truck for ETS 2.
Author: MrGermanTruck


10 Responses to Scania 143M 420

  1. Andy says:

    MrGermanTruck Would You Be ABLE To Make Me A Trailer Skin Contact me

    [email protected]

  2. onurb says:

    make interior and will be great truck.. i love Scania trucks

  3. Bart says:

    Model needs to be scaled down a little, t looks way too big compared with the wheels.

  4. Luxidane says:

    The interior doesnt show up, please fix that and you have one hell of a mod !

  5. DM0503 says:

    Unfortunately does not work, brings error message and the game crashes.

  6. Matze_D says:

    Bitte √ľberarbeite den Truck. Danke

  7. jimdurst says:

    is it modable??

  8. Santos says:

    Hi the truck is amazing!! But interior is very poor.. check for real 113 interiors and make one that seems real. And then this mod will be perfect!

  9. AdoGee says:

    Hey verry nice Mod.

    I try to find the T model but failed.

    S1 know if a mod exist?
    I have a link to a real and nice Scania 143T.

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