Scania 143M 420


New truck for ETS 2.
Author: MrGermanTruck


10 thoughts on “Scania 143M 420

  1. MrGermanTruck Would You Be ABLE To Make Me A Trailer Skin Contact me

    [email protected]

  2. make interior and will be great truck.. i love Scania trucks

  3. Model needs to be scaled down a little, t looks way too big compared with the wheels.

  4. The interior doesnt show up, please fix that and you have one hell of a mod !

    1. there is no interior made for this

  5. Unfortunately does not work, brings error message and the game crashes.

  6. Bitte überarbeite den Truck. Danke

  7. is it modable??

  8. Hi the truck is amazing!! But interior is very poor.. check for real 113 interiors and make one that seems real. And then this mod will be perfect!

  9. Hey verry nice Mod.

    I try to find the T model but failed.

    S1 know if a mod exist?
    I have a link to a real and nice Scania 143T.

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